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The cool thing about our MichMash wine blends is that they are entirely flavor-driven and not necessarily focused upon the individual grape. Much like a chef incorporating spices, our winemaking team was given free rein to combine several lots of premium finished wines based upon their unique flavor characteristics and how they would fit into an overall blend. MichMash wines seem to express a more unassuming, casual style without using intimidating winemaker jargon. Simply put, we took a creative hands-on approach rather than a set, written formula with the goal of producing intricate blend creations that express the best qualities of each wine in an exceptional finished product.


This semi sweet Riesling wine offers bright flavors of ripe pear and honeycrisp, accented with refreshing acidity and light citrus flavors. It is perfect for every day entertaining as well as serving with a variety of foods.




Vintage: 2018
Appellation: American
Varietal: Riesling       
Residual Sugar: 1.5° Brix
Alcohol: 12.2%
Winemaker: Bernd Croissant

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